Heavy and Zooka: a selection of videos incredible attacks

Heavy and Zooka incredible attacks

Boom Beach is one of the best mobile strategies of the last time and there are a lot of fans of this game in the whole World. A lot of players record their successful attacks and share it with other … Continue reading

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Attack with the infantry (RZMC, RM, RMZ etc.): the main moments

Have you ever explored the home bases of TOP players? I’m sure the answer is yes. And if you were attentive you should noticed that all their Landing Crafts are loaded only with infantry (Riflemen, Zookas, Medics and Cryoneers in … Continue reading

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A selection of interesting Boom Beach video

Interesting video Boom Beach

I very like to watch Boom Beach videos uploaded to Youtube or Social Networks. As a rule, players show their gameplay, different attacking guides or great defenses etc. But sometimes there are really interesting ones among them and I decided … Continue reading

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Defense against warriors

Defense against Warriors boom beach

Warriors are the only kind of troops which attacks enemy with a cold steel arms in the Boom Beach. Group of Warriors armed by the huge magic hammers can destroy the Headquarter for 10 – 15 seconds and defend the base … Continue reading

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Zookas behavioral factor. Useful video.

Zookas behavior factor

A few days ago I’ve found very interesting and useful video on the Youtube. The video is very short (the duration is only 1 min and 06 sec) but very informative and especially useful for players who like to attack … Continue reading

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Optimal Defense Base Layout (HQ 9 – 12 lvl)

defense_strategy_boom beach

It is impossible to build an invincible defense in the Boom Beach. It’s an axiom. And no matter how you place buildings there always will be a player who will find the way how to overcome your defense. But despite … Continue reading

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