Optimal Defense Base Layout (HQ 9 – 12 lvl)

defense_strategy_boom beach

It is impossible to build an invincible defense in the Boom Beach. It’s an axiom. And no matter how you place buildings there always will be a player who will find the way how to overcome your defense. But despite … Continue reading

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VP dropping. Does it make any sense? Poll.

medals dropping boom beach

The principle of selection of opponents in the Boom Beach is based on the number of victory points which number is the determining factor of the level of players that appear on the our game map. Therefore the more we … Continue reading

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The November update of Boom Beach (The Imitation Game). Opinion.

The imitation game

So, yesterday the 10th of November 2016 the SuperCell has released next update of Boom Beach. The focus of this update was made on the improvement of the “cycle of evil”. Now it consists of the 7 episodes instead of … Continue reading

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Attack only! Interesting strategy of development. Poll.

boom beach attack only

About 65% of all Boom Beach players are focused exclusively on attack in the game. Such conclusions I made based on the results of a small poll that was conducted on the pages of this blog. As a rule these players don’t … Continue reading

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Scorchers and Tanks. Basic factors.


“Scorchers and Tanks” is my favorite combination in Boom Beach. This is the combination of power! Using this combination allows to destroy enemy base completely until the last building! I like it and I call such attacks “spring-cleaning” 🙂 Another great … Continue reading

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What is your favorite combination? Poll.

What is your attacking combo?

In the Boom Beach every player has nine types of attacking units to choose from. Such good variety allows to choose the right combination against almost any defense. I’m sure about that! Just as sure that the units should be … Continue reading

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