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Which hero is the best?

Heroes became an integral part of Boom Beach after the March game update. It’s a fact. And now every Boom Beach player use them for support own troops in attack. It’s also fact! But which hero to use? What hero … Continue reading

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Optimal defense layout for HQ 16 and 17 levels


How often do you change an arrangement of your base? Do you change it at all? Does it has any sense to change layout at all? As for the latter, there definitely is! After all everything changes and Boom Beach … Continue reading

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How to destroy Lt. Hammerman HQ50 lvl base

After upgrading Radar to the level 17 in Boom Beach we are able to explore zone with Lt. Hammerman Base 50 on the archipelago map. On the first sight this base looks like an impregnable fortress, the defense of which … Continue reading

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A new Hero, a new level of Radar and other – in the upcoming game update!

So, the devs of Boom Beach have announced the next upcoming game update. With this update, they are going to introduce a new Hero into the game. Besides, there will be made some changes of Machine Gun characteristics and added … Continue reading

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How to play Boom Beach on PC

Boom Beach on PC

Mobile games becomes more and more popular that is primarily due to the wide spread of smartphones and other high-end mobile devices. I’m sure that today, every owner of smartphone or tablet PC have installed at least one game into … Continue reading

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The next Mega Crab is coming!

Mega Crab

According to unconfirmed information, very soon we will have the next Mega Crab event! So, according to rumors the next Mega Crab will be available from 26 of May. Such conclusions were made by some members of “Boom Beach” group … Continue reading

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