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New ideas, that can make the Game better (statues).

Boom Beach intel statue

The Boom Beach game is a popular for more than 3 years and has many fans around the world. One of important factors that support the game afloat are regular releases of updates from devs which introduce into it new … Continue reading

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Base layout for HQ 13,14 and 15.

Defense strategy in Boom Beach

Very often on the pages of different Boom Beach forums or groups in social networks can be found questions about best defense layouts or about invincible defensive scheme in the game. As a rule such questions are generally asked by … Continue reading

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How to properly install and hide mines

Mines are very important part of defense in Boom Beach. It’s an axiom. There are three types of mines available in the Game: Boom Mine, Shock Mine and Mine. I won’t describe the characteristics of each type here because it … Continue reading

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The next Mega Crab has left… Poll.

Well, the next Mega Crab event has finished and it’s became a little sad without it. Sometimes I have such feelings after the holidays which are long waiting and which quickly pass. Although this time Mega Crab lasted probably the … Continue reading

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Matchmaking system: there is something wrong with it…

Matchmaking system in Boom Beach based only on the number of player’s Victory Points (VP) which are award for successful attacks against other players (PvP), resources bases and “bots” (NpC). So, if you have 400 medals on your game map … Continue reading

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All Zooka attack guide

Smokey zooka attack guide

If Your skills in AZ (all zooka) attacks are perfect – You’re desired player in almost every big TF (Task Force). In my experience on high level operations the number of AZ attacks can reach up to 50-60% because other … Continue reading

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