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“Energy drink” is the best Bullit’s ability!

Bullit's best ability

In my humble opinion pvt. Bullit is the best hero in Boom Beach! In any case, after he was implemented into the Game I use this him in 80% of cases (the other 20% is cpt. Everspark with her “Explosive … Continue reading

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Explosive Charges – an underestimated ability of Cpt. Everspark

Explosive Charges

Explosive Charges is one of the least used heroes’ ability in Boom Beach. Such a conclusion I made based on the results of the poll that I conducted on the pages of my blog (you can take part into the … Continue reading

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All about the Tribes

With the last Boom Beach, update there was absolutely new event introduced into the Game that calls Tribes. The essence of this event is not completely understood by many players since it becomes fully available in the later stages of … Continue reading

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A selection of great and interesting Boom Beach videos!

Great Boom Beach vidoes

How often do you visit YouTube? I’m asking it because there are a lot of interesting and useful Boom Beach videos there! Many players from the whole World upload their videos to YouTube and some of them are really worthy … Continue reading

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Which hero is the best?

Heroes became an integral part of Boom Beach after the March game update. It’s a fact. And now every Boom Beach player use them for support own troops in attack. It’s also fact! But which hero to use? What hero … Continue reading

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How to destroy Lt. Hammerman HQ50 lvl base

After upgrading Radar to the level 17 in Boom Beach we are able to explore zone with Lt. Hammerman Base 50 on the archipelago map. On the first sight this base looks like an impregnable fortress, the defense of which … Continue reading

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