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All about the Tribes

With the last Boom Beach, update there was absolutely new event introduced into the Game that calls Tribes. The essence of this event is not completely understood by many players since it becomes fully available in the later stages of … Continue reading

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Optimal defense layout for HQ 16 and 17 levels


How often do you change an arrangement of your base? Do you change it at all? Does it has any sense to change layout at all? As for the latter, there definitely is! After all everything changes and Boom Beach … Continue reading

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Base layout for HQ 13,14 and 15.

Defense strategy in Boom Beach

Very often on the pages of different Boom Beach forums or groups in social networks can be found questions about best defense layouts or about invincible defensive scheme in the game. As a rule such questions are generally asked by … Continue reading

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How to properly install and hide mines

Mines are very important part of defense in Boom Beach. It’s an axiom. There are three types of mines available in the Game: Boom Mine, Shock Mine and Mine. I won’t describe the characteristics of each type here because it … Continue reading

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Defense against warriors

Defense against Warriors boom beach

Warriors are the only kind of troops which attacks enemy with a cold steel arms in the Boom Beach. Group of Warriors armed by the huge magic hammers can destroy the Headquarter for 10 – 15 seconds and defend the base … Continue reading

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Optimal Defense Base Layout (HQ 9 – 12 lvl)

defense_strategy_boom beach

It is impossible to build an invincible defense in the Boom Beach. It’s an axiom. And no matter how you place buildings there always will be a player who will find the way how to overcome your defense. But despite … Continue reading

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