With the last update, there were new kind of units implemented into the game – proto-troops. Every player can use these units for limited period of time. Currently we have only two of them, but I’m sure that we will have more of them in the future. On this page you can find all necessary information about proto-troops.

Lazortrone Rain Maker Critter Cannon



Lazortrone is the first proto-troop in Boom Beach, that is mix of Tank and Lazor Beam. This unit has low rate of fire but huge range of fire and big damge power. Lazortrone has only 5 levels, which directly depends on Armory level. So you can’t upgrade Lazortrone when you want it (unit level increases automatically with Armory upgrading). Characteristics of Lazortron on each level on the picture below:


Rain Maker

Rain Maker

Rain Maker is the second proto-troop in Boom Beach. This unit is mix of Tank and Mortar but with increased range of fire (can outrange all defensive weapons except for Rocket Launcher and Shock Launcher and prototype defense)! The distinctive feature of Rain Maker is an ability to fire by four bombs simultaneously! Has huge damage power (905 DPS on max 5 lvl)! With proper use, a few Rain Makers can relatively easy destroy almost every PVP base… Just like Lazortrone has 5 levels, which directly depend on the Armory level. Characteristics of Rain Maker at each level on the picture below:

Characteristics of Rain Maker

Critter Cannon

Critter Cannon

Critter Cannon is the third and the last proto-troop in Boom Beach! Critter Cannon is a tank that shoots by critters, throwing them into the depth of enemy’s defense! Small and fast little critters distracts enemy’s defensive buildings, giving the advantage for main attacking group of troops. In contrast to the first two proto-troops, Critter Cannon is rather a support kind of troop, or, in other words, is not effective if to use it alone… As well as the previous two protos has 5 levels, which directly depend on the level of Armory. Characteristics of the Critter Cannon at each level on the picture below:

Critter Cannon characteristics

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