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What quantity of “ice” statues is optimal? Poll.

I’m sure many of you not once heard a catchphrase “the best defense is a good offense”! And I can tell you that many Boom Beach players follow this rule. They don’t install blue statues (main purposes of which are … Continue reading

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Optimal Defense Base Layout (HQ 5 – 8 lvl)

There are a lot of different buildings in the Boom Beach game. All buildings are divided into two types: buildings that have defensive character and buildings of civil purpose. The available number of buildings for installation increases with every upgrade … Continue reading

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When the Grappler isn’t on your side…


I think that many players have appreciated all dignities of the Grappler – a new prototype defenses that was introduced into the Game by SuperCell team. As you know, the main purpose of this prototype is to strengthen defense against … Continue reading

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Doom Cannon: new ability after the last game update

The latest game update from SuperCell was focused mainly on prototype defenses. Two great new prototype weapons were introduced into the game: the Grappler and the Hot Pot (by the way the video of demonstration of these protos in action … Continue reading

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Three variants of defense against Hammerman

3 variants of defense ag hammerman

The reward for successfully reflected Hammerman attacks are prototype modules which are necessary for manufacturing of prototype weapons at the Weapon Lab. It’s known to all. Accordingly, organization of successful defense against Hammerman attacks is an important moment in Boom … Continue reading

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«Trap-island» or original way to defense you base!

Great defense Boom Beach

A few days ago on the map in my Game appeared player Blackdog (61 lvl). At the first look his defense was very weak and I thought I could destroy it very easy. But as it turned out I’ve failed! … Continue reading

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