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It’s not a secret that statues are very important in the game Boom Beach. With their help it’s possible to increase Gunboat’s energy stock, resources reward for successful attack, attacking power of own troops etc.
Statues in Boom Beach create Sculptor the building of which becomes available after upgrading the HQ to the level 5.
On this page you can find all basic information about Statues in the Game (the tables of probability of getting statues, information about power powder etc.)

There are only 4 types of Statues available in Boom Beach:

  1. Life (“green statues”) – this type of statutes aimed at increasing the production of resources. This type has 5 different kinds: increasing of all resources production, increasing the production of gold / wood / stone / iron.
  2. Magma (“red” ones). Main purpose of this type is to increase own troops attacking power. This type has only 2 kinds of statues: increasing of troop’s health and damage power.
  3. Ice (“blue” statues). With the help of this type we can improve own base defense. There are also only 2 kinds of these type statues: increasing of building’s health and defensive building’s damage power.
  4. Dark (“purple” ones). This type is aimed at the increasing of the Gunboat energy, resource reward and chance of getting power stone (3 kinds of these type statues).

For creating statues Sculptor is using power stones. There are 3 types of power stones (fragments, shards and crystals) and 3 ways of getting them in the Game (as a reward for successful attacks, as a daily reward and with the help of submarine). When the quantity of power stones is enough for statue creating we will see “Create” over the Sculptor building.
The ratio of power stones is next: 1 crystal = 7 shards = 49 fragments (1 shard = 7 fragments)
Each type of statues has 3 levels: Idol, Guardian and Masterpiece. The quantity of materials used to make the statue depends on its level. The main information about each level is provided below:
Statues in Boom Beach
It’s impossible to know what kind of statue is in process of creating and what characteristics it will be have until it’s finished. And of course we cannot choose it.

Below is provided information about probability of statue creating in Boom Beach depending on their characteristics (percent of improvements). The accuracy is about +/- 1%.

1. “Life” statues table (increase of resources production).
Life statues table Boom Beach
2. “Magma” statues table (increase of troops damage power and their health)
Magma statues table boom beach
3. “Ice” statues table (increase of own base defense)
Ice statues table boom beach
4. “Dark” statues table (increase of gunboat energy, resource reward and chance to get power stone)
dark statues table boom beach
The quantity of statues which can be placed on the island depends on the level of HQ and Sculptor but no more than 10. But there is one important limitation: we cannot place more than one Masterpiece of the same kind statues. And there are no any restrictions about of quantity of Idols and Guardians. We can have them as many as we want.
Quantity of statues in boom beach

Power Powder.

The Power Powder is another element of the game that is directly connected to the statues. With the help of power powder we can double characteristics of any statue for a limited period of time. Power Powder we can get for reclaiming of Masterpiece (7 units). Also we can get Power Powder as a reward for successful attacks in the Mega Crab events (not regular). Information about duration of power powder action for each type of statues is provided below:
Power Powder duration boom beach

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