Optimal defense layout for HQ 16 and 17 levels

Defense Boom BeachHow often do you change an arrangement of your base? Do you change it at all? Does it has any sense to change layout at all? As for the latter, there definitely is! After all everything changes and Boom Beach isn’t an exception! Boom Beach changes all the time: new units (I mean Heroes), new tactics (as a consequence) etc. Accordingly we need to change our defense all the time taking into account all new trends and innovations in the Game. As for me, I usually change my defense scheme after series of successful enemy’s attacks on my base. Sometimes I change it cardinally, sometimes just by changing position for some separate buildings… In this post I will share with you my  best defense schemes (to my mind) for base with HQ 16 and 17.

Defense scheme for HQ 16

After reaching player’s level 37, there’s unlocks an ability to upgrade the Headquarter (HQ) to the level 16 in Boom Beach! That upgrade unlocks an additional buildings that every player can place on his island and widen own base in such way. These buildings are Stone Storage, Machine Gun, Cannon and Rocket Launcher. The total number of available defensive building on this level is 26 (without Prototype).
With an active gameplay on this level the attacks on player’s base are common and happen often. Thus, security of resources, count of extra diamonds and intels (for destroyed enemy units) depends directly of correctness of the base placement and defensive buildings layout. In my opinion, the best base placement for HQ 16 in Boom Beach (with no “ice” statues) is the next:

Best defense placement HQ 16

As you can see from the picture, the HQ located in the very end of the island and surrounded by three Flamethrowers and one Machine Gun. Such placement of these four units of defensive buildings directed on the increasing base defensive resistant against Warriors, which are the best choice for attack in middle level gameplay.
The proto, two Rocket Launchers and two Doom Cannon in the center of base are the backbone of whole defense for HQ16 in Boom Beach. In such position, these defensive weapons are able to cover each side of the base.
The method of alternating defensive and non-defensive buildings still works (as in layouts for earlier levels HQ). The non-defensive buildings divert enemy troops attention on itself and provide more time for defensive buildings. Moreover, such layout provides more opportunities for mines hiding.
Note: how to hide mines in Boom Beach described in this post.

Defense placement for HQ 17

To unlock an ability for upgrading HQ to the level 17 in Boom Beach every player needs to reach level 41 first. Upgrading HQ to 17 level allows to increase number of defensive buildings to 29 units by the installing one more Flamethrower, Boom Cannon and Shock Launcher. Moreover, HQ upgrading unlocks one more Boom Mine and Gold Storage. How to place buildings after upgrade HQ to 17 level? What is the best defense layout on this level? To my mind, we need to follow the same principles as earlier. Therefore, the most suitable layout for HQ17 in Boom Beach (with no “blue” statues) is the next:

Best defense placement HQ 17

As you can see from the picture, I’ve made only a few changes if to compare with HQ16 layout. The prototype defensive weapon was placed behind the Headquarter. Such position makes problematical of using of Shock Bomb (in case of Warriors attack) because of limited free space near the proto. The best place for additional Flamethrower is near the HQ.
The free space in the center was made against better resistance against Shock Bombs. With such space it becomes difficult for the attacking player to shock a few buildings simultaneously.
Rocket Launchers are in the center of island for better ability to defense every side of the base.

P.S. If I write that my base was not taken down with such placement then this will be an outright lie! My base was robbed many times. Especially by players 5 or 6 levels higher. But! Such layout allows me to gather an extra diamonds and intels almost after every enemy attack! And as you can see I have no “ice” on this base 🙂

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Optimal defense layout for HQ 16 and 17 levels

  1. Why did you tell us to change from a laser beam to a shock blaster when transfering from HQ level 16 to 17?

    1. Glad to see you here, buddy!
      As for your question… Everything is very simple… I haven’t had a details for Laser Beam production at that moment 🙂

      1. So you didn’t have the parts needed for another laser beam?
        Also, will you be making a blog shouting out active Boom Beach Youtubers?

  2. Greetings, Pikerstrow. My question is regarding level 17 HQ defense. You have 4 flame throwers around your HQ. I am lvl. 43 and HQ 17. I only have 3 flame throwers and see no option for a 4th. Can you explain this?

    Thank you,
    Blood Red Ro§€§

    1. Greetings again. I found my 4th flame thrower. It was hidden under an updating building message.

      Thanks for the great information,
      Blood Red Ro§€§

  3. Pretty good placement, one attack it is weak against is grenadiers, I use them and the resource building make it easy for splash, and defenses against them? Beach would probably be the best.

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