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Cryoneer. Do we really need this unit? Poll.


Cryoneer is the ninth unit in the Boom Beach that was introduced into the Game after the June update. Already enough time has passed since that update and I think that many players have formed their opinions about this unit. … Continue reading

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«Scorcher and Zooka» or «Scorcher and Tank»: mathematical calculation.

Mathematical calculation boom beach

Zooka or Tank? Which of these two units is more effective in the combination with Scorcher? These questions interested me and I decided to try to calculate it with the help of mathematics. Let’s consider classical combination when the 4 … Continue reading

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Useless “CRYONEER” or why we need such weak unit?

Cryoneer. Boom Beach

With the latest Boom Beach update SuperCell have introduced into the Game new unit CRYONEER. New unit looks effectively and according to its description in the Armory must be very effective! But in the real Cryoneer is fully useless! 38 … Continue reading

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