Cryoneer. Do we really need this unit? Poll.

Cryoneer_Boom_BeachCryoneer is the ninth unit in the Boom Beach that was introduced into the Game after the June update. Already enough time has passed since that update and I think that many players have formed their opinions about this unit. I was wondering whether these opinions converge with mine. And I decided to make a little poll to find what the Boom Beach Community thinks about the Cryoneer.
Therefore it is much to ask all who read this post to participate in a small survey that is provided below:

What do you think about the Cryoneer?

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As for me I am sure that Cryoneer is the most unfortunate and fully useless unit in the game! First of all it takes too many places on the Landing Crafts for its characteristics (unit size is 4).
Secondly, the Cryoneer has not big damage power and cannot be used separately from other units due to its features. And one more thing, visually I don’t notice much effect on the enemy defensive buildings from the Cryoneers Freeze Beams. For example, the Flamethrower is not slowing down at all under influence of beams (but frankly speaking I don’t know about its damage power in that moment)… And as I know the slowing down the rate of fire of the enemy defensive buildings is the main purpose of Cryoneer, isn’t it?
At one time I conducted various tests with Cryoneer and tried to determine whether the Cryoneer increases efficiency of the most common combinations or not. For example in the popular combination of Heavy and Zooka where four Landing Crafts are loaded with Heavies and other four with Zookas I’ve replaced one ship with Heavies and one with Zookas on the Cryoneers. Or instead of eight Scorchers I’ve used six Scorchers with 12 Cryoneers. And in all cases the combinations with Cryoneer were weaker and less effective.
Here is an example of comparison of Scorchers with Cryoneers and without them:

I think there is nothing to comment on. Everything is clear.

P.S. The idea of such unit as Cryoneer is pretty good and it’s certainly introduced some variety to the game. But with such characteristics this unit won’t become a popular. I think the only way to increase it’s popularity is to reduce the unit size at least twice. In such case the Cryoneer would be a competitive.

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  1. Thought they were crap. Watched a guy smash a base on dead end. Same as every troop used correctly in the right spot. Deadly

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