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Warriors attack guide

Warriors attack guide

If in the initial levels of Game the “HOOKA” (Heavy+Zooka) is the best combination for attacks then at the middle levels – the best choice is to use Warriors! Why them? Because they are fast, relatively cheap and have good … Continue reading

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Resource Bases and Warriors

Resource Bases (RB)… Someone needs them… Someone thinks that RB are useless and unnecessary because it is easier to gather required resources by attacking other players’ bases. Personally, I belong to the second group of players and attack Resource Bases … Continue reading

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War Factory 45

War Factory 45 (or Colonel Gearheart War Factory 45) is an island on the archipelago that can be found after upgrading of radar to the level 15. This island is very important because it unlocks 2 very important things: War … Continue reading

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A selection of tremendous attacks in Boom Beach

Great attacks in Boom Beach

I’d like present to you another selection of tremendous must-see attacks in Boom Beach which I found on YouTube and social networks. I’m sure that all three videos would be very interesting and useful for every BB player. The defense … Continue reading

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All Zooka attack guide

Smokey zooka attack guide

If Your skills in AZ (all zooka) attacks are perfect – You’re desired player in almost every big TF (Task Force). In my experience on high level operations the number of AZ attacks can reach up to 50-60% because other … Continue reading

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Heavy and Zooka: a selection of videos incredible attacks

Heavy and Zooka incredible attacks

Boom Beach is one of the best mobile strategies of the last time and there are a lot of fans of this game in the whole World. A lot of players record their successful attacks and share it with other … Continue reading

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