Heavy and Zooka: a selection of videos incredible attacks

Boom Beach is one of the best mobile strategies of the last time and there are a lot of fans of this game in the whole World. A lot of players record their successful attacks and share it with other players or friends by posting video in social networks or Youtube. As I wrote before, I like to view such videos because some among them are really worthy of attention. And I want to say that there are players which have become real masters in this game and their abilities to attack with some combination of units are breathtaking. This time I want to share with you a selection of video that is dedicated only to a combination of Heavy and Zooka (“hooka”). All these videos will be useful for players which like to attack using this combination in Boom Beach.
1. Just an incredible attack on the player base which has placed 10 (ten) “Ice” statues. And furthermore all ten statues are boosted in the moment of attack. How do you think, would you dare to attack in such circumstances? I probably no. Maybe only after ending of boost time. See a master class from a player from Korea:

Note: This video belongs to Youtube user korea Boom beach. Here is link to his channel.

2. Here is also an excellent attack with Heavies and Zookas in TF operation. The player has clearly calculated the safest place among defensive buildings. Pay special attention to the troops landing technique…

Note: This video belongs to Youtube user BoomBeachStrategy. Here is link to his channel.

3. And the third video is from a very experienced boom beach player JessieZX7, whose abilities to attack with Heavies and Zookas are simply amazing. On this video shown two excellent attacks on bases with 7-8 “ice” statues.

Note: This video belongs to Youtube user JessieZX7. Here is link to his channel.

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