The next big update is coming…

We can already say with certainty that SuperCell team is working on the next Game update! And we can wait for it very soon! It become known from an exclusive interview that the developers have given to fans on the pages of one of the most popular boom beach resources – in the early of this year. During that interview the representatives of SuperCell team had answered on the many interesting questions asked by many players online. What exactly will be changed and what new events and features will be implemented into the game SuperCell keeps in secret, but they assured that the update will be released soon and it should please everyone. In this post I’ve tried to gather the answers to the most interesting questions that were asked in the interview.

So let’s start from the most basic:

  1. In the near future SuperCell doesn’t plan to add more HQ levels. According to them they are focused on the other things now, and they believe that that will have greater effect than simply increasing a nuber of HQ levels.
  2. We won’t have TF vs TF battles (TF wars) after this update also. The Developers like the idea of TF vs TF wars very much and they talk about it very often but nonetheless they can’t to implement such thing into the game now. But they say such thing is “maybe”… 🙂

These were the answers on the two most often asked questions…

Very interesting question posed a 64 lvl player, about whether the SuperCell planned to add something new into the Game like new defensive or offensive weapons, new event etc., to which has been received a definite answer “yes”.

Many other interesting questions were asked also, such as implement into the Game of ninth Landing Craft or Increase a lvl of Sculptor, that from the words of Developers is not going to happen because such things can unbalance the Game in the direction of the advantages of an attack over defense.
In the response on one question the devs clearly hinted they worked on something that will please offensive players.

The full version of interview you can read on on this link.

So, after this interview I think that the next Boom Beach update is promising. But in any case the devs promised the release of this update soon and the wait is not so long. Will see!

Today (17.02.2017) on the official Boom Beach channel were presented new video from devs. In that video they directly said that we will have a “HEROES” in the Game! And they going to implement it with the next update! It sounds amazing!
The video:

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