VP dropping. Does it make any sense? Poll.

medal boom beachThe principle of selection of opponents in the Boom Beach is based on the number of victory points which number is the determining factor of the level of players that appear on the our game map. Therefore the more we attack and the more medals we earn, the stronger opponents appear on our map and the more difficult become to defeat them. How to be in such cases? How to continue gather resources not as a farmer but attacking and defeating?
As an answer on these questions from many experienced players you can hear one thing – you need to drop victory points. But do we really need to do it? Let’s try to understand together and weigh the “pros” and “cons.”
Note: “to drop victory points” in Boom Beach is the action aimed at encouraging opponents to attack own island through placing the Headquarters directly on the shoreline without any defensive buildings near it. Such position leads to frequent attacks on our island and allows lowering the number of victory points and getting opponents of lower levels.

Of course if we place the Headquarters on the shore line without any defensive buildings it will lead to the fact that every player will attack our island and the number of VP will be reducing constantly. But that the result was palpable we need to spend a lot of time keeping the HQ open for attacks and sometimes it takes from one to two months (less period won’t bring the good result). And besides all this time we need to play less actively because for the successful attacks the number of VP increases 🙂 Besides we need to remember that the less we attack the lower our base appears on the map of other players. Thus if we don’t attack anyone for a long period of time it doesn’t lead to the rapid drop of the VP amount because our base will appear less and less on the other player’s maps.
I’ve carried out an experiment placed my HQ almost on the shore line and left such position for a long period of time:
vp dropping boom beach
At the beginning of experiment I was at the 63 lvl and had around 790 of VP. Approximately in a 2 -3 weeks number of my VP reduced to the 680-690 and 58-59 lvl players begun to appear on my map more often. Overcome their defense wasn’t very big problem for me and it gave some result (to collect resources has became really easy). But for the time of experiment I almost haven’t attacked the bases of other players (3-4 attacks per day for better map updating) and played only Dr.Ti, Lt.Hammerman and War Factory events. Due to this I almost haven’t upgraded my own units because it was difficult to accumulate necessary amount of resources. I’ve stopped the experiment after three weeks and returned to the normal rhythm of the game. I haven’t seen any advantages in “dropping-medals-action” for myself and I’m sure now that for the time that I’ve spent in waiting for weaker opponents I could develop much better and upgrade more units. My advice is play and attacks more! And the appearance of stronger players will only be an incentive for a speedy development! And believe me if you picked up an “extra” victory points, the stronger players quickly balance their amount back 🙂
Besides, the victory over a stronger opponent always brings a lot more fun than winning over a player which is obviously weaker. After all the Boom Beach is a game and games are invented in order to get pleasure from them! So let’s play and enjoy!

P.S. But if you despite of everything decide to drop victory points don’t place the HQ without any support! Put beside him at least a third part of your defensive buildings. It won’t prevent the opponent from the attack but will help you to earn some diamonds and intels for your TF.

Good luck!

And in addition please take part into a small poll below:

How do you think is there any sense in purposeful VP dropping?

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