Prototypes and Weapon Lab

The Weapon Lab is one of the best innovation in the game from the SuperCell.
The idea to refresh the game by the introduction of such unit seem to me quite good and this made the game more interesting.
Five prototype defenses can be made in the Lab: Shock Blaster, Lazor Beam, Damage Amplifier, Doom Cannon and Shield Generator. Each prototype has three levels. For creation of prototype defenses the Weapon Lab uses prototype modules that can be earned in the game as a reward for the successful attacks. There are four type of prototype modules in the game: Critical Fuse, Complex Gear, Power Rod and Field Capacitor. No more than two prototype defenses can be placed on the base simultaneously. In this post I won’t describe the characteristics of every type of prototype defenses because any player with some experience knows it.


My everyday position. Each prototype has its own strengths and weaknesses against certain types of troops. For my everyday base placement I usually use a two combination:

  • the first is the combination of Shock Blaster and Shield Generator. Sometimes I change Shock Blaster for Lazor Beam, which is effective against the mass infantry attack (with Riflemen and Zookas).
  •  the second combo is the combination of Shock Blaster and Damage Amplifier.

In my opinion these are two best combination of prototype defenses in the Game and they can protect with success against Warriors, Riflemen, Heavies and Zookas. Also, due to long range of fire of the Shock Blaster and the Lazor Beam they are very good in defense against Grenadiers.
Boom Beach universal defense

Defense from attacks of Hammerman. In my version of defense that I use to reflect Hammerman attacks, the optimal combination of prototypes is the combination of Damage Amplifier and Shock Blaster (or Lazor Beam).
Defense against Hammerman

The reasons why I chose these prototypes:

  • Hammerman practically doesn’t use the Barrage and other kinds of weapons that are in the arsenal of Gunboat. Or uses it anyhow. In this case, defensive buildings installed next to each other within the range of action of the Damage Amplifier provide a much greater benefit than the separately taken a prototype of other type. The chance that a group of buildings can be destroyed by Hammerman’s Barrage or Artillery by hitting in the spot of the buildings connection is extremely small.
  • All Hammerman attacks as a rule occur with not big amount of Scorchers and Tanks. So we need such prototypes that can effectively to resist enemy’s infantry. In such case the combination of Damage Amplifier and Shock Blaster (or Lazor Beam) is optimal decision.

One thought on “Prototypes and Weapon Lab

  1. For my Hammerman base I leave a few support buildings in front of my defensive buildings. Since Hammerman doesn’t use gunboat energy, I don’t have to worry about these giving him an advantage, but it distracts the attacking troops so my defenses​ can shoot sitting sucks for a while.

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