Heroes are coming

If you are looking for information about heroes (levels, abilities, etc.) – go to this page.

At least three new characters and opportunity to install one more prototype weapon will be implemented into the Game with the upcoming big update! This became known from the last SuperCell video-announce of upcoming update. In that video the devs described in details about forthcoming changes in Boom Beach and told a lot interesting information about Heroes (and their abilities) and other things that will be added to Game.
So, now with the probability of 99.99% we know that 3 new characters will be added to the Game with the upcoming update. These are Sergeant Brick, Captain Everspark and Merchant girl. The first two – are Heroes! Merchant girl – is the new character with the help of which will be able to exchange resources. By the way, all three new characters are girls 🙂 Let’s talk about heroes. According to the information from devs team, the heroes are units that are only attack orientated. We won’t be able to use them for defense of own base. Each hero will has 3 individual abilities and player will decide by himself which of ability the hero will use in attack.

Sergeant BrickSergeant Brick. This hero is a prototype of a classic sergeant, which we can see in American films such a Full Metal Jacket, but in a skirt :). This hero will have the next abilities:
– Claster Bomb. The hero will be able to throw a new type of grenade with shrapnel that cover a huge area.
– Battle Orders. The principle of action is similar to “acceleration serum” that we met in Mega Crab event. All troops near the hero will act faster. In other words she boosts all troops around her.
– Iiron Will. This ability will allow reducing the damage for troops near the hero on 50%. In other words she protects troops around her.

Captain EversparkCaptain Everspark. This hero is a prototype of saboteur. According to information from devs, this hero we need to find on the archipelago (but what about max lvl players?)… The Captain Everspark will have the next abilities:
– Critter Swarm. The hero spawns critters in every 5 seconds (the time interval will reduce after each upgrade of hero).
– Demolition charge. Captain will be able to throw an explosive bomb directly to the building. The bomb will has a big damage ability.
– Universal Remote. This ability will allow to control enemy defensive building and switch it to our side and makes it fight for us for a short period! That is, the defensive building will attack other buildings near it and helps us! It’s awesome!
The Heroes will have levels and we will be able to upgrade them for gold (how many levels they will have we don’t know yet).

TraderNow a few words about the Trader. This is completely new type of unit in the Game.  With the help of the Trader, we will be able to exchange resources. She will sail on her submarine to our island every Friday and leave us on Sunday. However, how it will works and what types of resources we will be able to exchange – the devs haven’t said. Yes, one more thing – the new currency will be implemented into the game – “the hero tokens” (for the hero’s skills).

What concerns to defense, the devs have changed characteristics of Machine Gun and increased the max number of prototype weapons to 3 (on the 5 lvl of Weapon Lab). That is, after update we will be able to install three protos at the same time.

So, this update promise to be really interesting and frankly speaking I’m waiting for it with impatience. In addition, the most important thing – the update will be released on the next week!

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  1. I like Sergeant Brick when she shouts granade and her other skills or techniques so the cluster bomb with shrapnel is working for me that I’m a level 13 and a corporal 3 so we need to save the other villagers from the blackguard and right now the dr.T labatorys is still hard to win so I’d like a feature to test each player by one of the app designers while there playing on the app and unlockable content using the pictures from there devices or phones or smartphones and customizable appearances for the troops and rescued characters from the same building that Sargent brick is stationed at and no rush for a furry fandom unlockable feature to make the troops your favorite furry and you can buy the feature if you have enough resources to buy and that’s a intriguing suggestion to use the photos on your device to design customization and my gamer tag is dragon fox123 so keep up the good work and hope to hear from you sooner or later and a good report from you inspired by the brain age game for the nintindo d.s and d.s.i handheld gaming systems and I’m a storytelling and Rolplaying designer and a administrator in training so please check my Facebook Twitter and YouTube videos with my real name so remember we got to rescue villagers and special commanders just like Sargent brick in the war effort good day and good luck in the battlefield

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