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Dr. T Mega CrabWell, the next Mega Crab event has finished and it’s became a little sad without it. Sometimes I have such feelings after the holidays which are long waiting and which quickly pass. Although this time Mega Crab lasted probably the longest time ever. There wasn’t something essential new in Mega Crab this time, except of Dr. T explosive surprise, the main purpose of which was distraction of our troops. These surprises really caused an additional troubles during attacks…
Actually if to compare this crab with Halloween one – this seems to me was more difficult. In the global leaderboard the first place divides two players: one from China – Berzerk-EMINEM, and one from the United States, but with name on Chinese – 暗夜永恒, who have managed to overcome 91 levels. It’s a pity that they didn’t make videos of their attacks and didn’t share it on Youtube or some social networks… It would be interesting to take a look on Mega Crab 91 stage layout.

Mega Crab global leaderbord
It is noteworthy that in the global top 20 – seven players from China! It seems that Chinese players are the most active from all Boom Beach Community 🙂 As for me, this time I’ve passed only 38 levels… So this Mega Crab has left and become a history. And we need to wait for the next, and for the next big update that was announced by SuperCell in a recent interview.
And one more thing. I think that this event could become more interesting if to implement into it a special prizes for TOP-5 or TOP-10 players according to results of event. For example a few hundreds of diamonds or crystals… It would be great! Don’t you think so?

How do you think whether it is necessary to establish some prize fund for the top 5 or 10 players on the results of "Mega Crab" event?

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