The “heroical” update: opinion. Poll.

Heroes abilitiesFinally, the long awaited update was released… And almost two weeks has passed since that event. I’m sure that for these two weeks every BB player has made own opinion about that update, about heroes and their abilities etc. In this post I want to tell what I think about released update and ask all of you about the same by conducting a small poll.
And I would like to start directly from the poll…

What do you think about the last released update?

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As for me, I think last update is really good and heroes with trader have put some variety into the game. In addition the devs assured that they will continue to work in this direction and we will see new heroes in the future. In any case it was much better than just increase the amount of HQ or Gunboat levels… No, there is, off course, some cons in that update, but as they say every man has its own taste and it’s impossible to please everyone.

As for the heroes, I prefer sergeant Brick with her Battle Orders. In case with “scorcher+tank” combo it works great. As to Cpt. Everspark I use her only with the Remote Control ability, but there is one huge minus in this ability – very often the hero choose the building for “hacking” which is under the fire of our other units and in the moment when the building takes our side it is almost destroyed. But sometime this ability works great and captured building makes good help to us in attack.
A few words about the Trader. Frankly speaking I’ve imagined it in other way. I was sure that with the help of this unit we would have ability to sell or buy all kinds of available resources in the game. The implemented variant is some kind of copy from other SuperCell game – Clash Royale… But in any case this is better than before 🙂
And can’t write about changes in defense… The Machine Gun become a really threatening weapon! I’ve conducted an experiment and lead one full max Scorcher between six placed tightly machine guns… They destroyed him almost half. Plus, the ability to install one more prototype defense significantly increased the defense potential! It became much harder to attack! But I think it more plus than minus because now the attacks must to be planned more carefully than before…

Good job, SuperCell team!

2 thoughts on “The “heroical” update: opinion. Poll.

  1. Are you still playing boom beach? What is your task force name? I am hq 19 in tf indian monsters. Do you also post update concepts? Do you know when Supercell id will come to boom beach?

    1. Yep. I’m still playing bb. Tf is chicklets (main acc) and boom and burn (second acc).

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