What things in the Game I would like to change…

SuperCell team pretty frequently releases updates of the Game what cannot fail to please all Boom Beach fans. But I wonder do they listen to the views of ordinary players about what they wants to see in the Game? After all they have made this Game for us. And accordingly all the update releases are also for us ordinary players, doesn’t it?
Here are my few ideas that can be helpful to make the Game more attractive and interesting:

1. Statue Storage. To be honest I don’t understand why we need this building with such functions. After all to deploy a statue from the Storage we need to destroy one from island. It’s not always profitable. Why not make an opportunity of exchange statues between Storage and Island. For example when player attacks other bases he needs more energy for Gunboat or strength for troops and he doesn’t need in these moments increase building defense. In this case opportunity of statues exchange would be very usefull, doesn’t it?
2. Prototype storage. It would be not bad to add to the Game a Prototype Storage with the function of prototypes exchange. To be able to change the Prototypes according to tasks in the Game. And if I have a lot of details why I can’t use them for building an additional prototype? For example for repulse attack of Hammerman I would be able change prototypes and take more benefits.
3. Cryoneer. This unit is useless with such characteristics. This is of course only my subjective opinion. But if you will use only Cryoneers for attack you will be defeated 100%. I know and understand that main purpose of this unit is slow down defensive buildings but level of slowing is to low. Damage from Cryoneer is to low also. What can make this unit more attractive? First – reduce number of seats in boat per one unit at least to 3 (now is 4). Second – increase time of slowing.
4. Diamond for successful Resource Base defense. This is also would be nice. Why for destroying enemy troops during Home Island defense we get diamonds and for successful defense of Resource Base not? I think this would be great for us to earn additional diamonds isn’t it? But I have doubts that developers will release such thing because it is potential lost of revenue for them.
5. Add the possibility of simultaneous attacks during Task Force operations. If of course this possible from technical point of view. So it would be much more interesting to make an collective attack at the same time. Two and more players would be able to plan their attack and do it simultaneously. Good idea, isn’t it?

P.S. If you also have some good ideas which can make game more interesting write me please. I’ll try to publish them here on the pages of Blog and maybe someone from SuperCell will notice them.

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