What are the chances to get intel?

Intel is one of the resources in Boom Beach that is vital for Task Forces! No intels – no attacks! It’s commonly known. There are only three ways to get intel into the Game: as a daily reward, form supply chest and as a reward for successfully destroyed enemy bases. With daily reward and supply chest, everything is clear – the more victory points player has – the more intels he receives…   As for attacks – the probability to get intel is different for every type of bases.  In this post, I will share the information, I’ve found on the official SuperCell forum about intels.

So, looking through the Boom Beach forum on the official SuperCell site, I’ve found very interesting picture, on which is clearly shown how intels can be earned in the Game. Here is the picture and the link to the original:


Note: Here is link to the forum topic.

What we see:

  1. Daily Reward and Supply Chest.Here everything is simple. The reward for players with the quantity of victory points from 0 to 110 is only one; players with number of medals from 110 to 450 receive 2 intels; and 3 intels for players with more than 450 VP.
  1. Cycle of evil. The probability of getting intels in every events is not more than 25%. Exception is War Factory (no intels at all) and lt.Hammerman’s attacks (1 intel maximum).


  1. PVP and NPC bases.  Or bases of other players (PVP bases) and bot bases (NPC bases). Here everything is simple also: 50% is the probability of getting intel for the succesfully destroyed other player base and 25% – for the destroyed NPC base.

Hope this information is useful for you!
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  1. There is a 4th way to get Intel – killing enemy troops when your base is raided. You don’t even have to successfully defend, just kill some of their troops and you get 1 or 2 Intel (and a few diamonds)

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