New Hero (Pvt. Bullit) and the next Mega Crab are coming or sneak peek about new game update!

The next Boom Beach update will be released soon! It’s definitely known that with this update the new hero will be implemented into the Game! Hero’s name is Pvt. Bullit and judging by the video-reviews of the most popular Boom Beach youtubers he’s very powerful and interesting… And I’m sure And I’m sure that AZ players will like him very much 🙂
If you are looking for information about heroes (levels, abilities, etc.) – go to this page.

So, Pvt. Bullit outwardly is very similar to Heavies and has approximately the same characteristics of range of fire and speed of movement. He will has 8 levels.


I want to pay special attention to the hero’s health (30,850 on the maximal 8 level) and damage power (1,325 per sec – on the 8 lvl). How do you like such characteristics?

The private Bullit has three individual abilities like other heroes in Boom Beach. Briefly about each of them:

  1. Taunt. By activating this ability the hero will attract the attention of all defensive buildings within the radius of the ability action, forcing them to shoot only into him, and reducing their damage power to only 100 per hit. Based on this, I’m sure that Taunt will be very good alternative to the Srgt. Brick with her Battle Orders for AZ players.
  2. taunt_characteristics

  1. Energy Drink. This ability temporary increase hero’s speed on 250% and regenerate his health. For better understanding see video at the end of the article.
  2. Energy_drink_characteristics

  1. Shock Knuckles. The third Bullit’s ability. This ability makes the hero attack the nearest enemy defensive building with his fists, causing it and buildings behind to be shocked. This ability looks very impressive in action (just see the video below).
  2. Shock_Knuckles_characteristics

In this video, you can see the new hero and all his three abilities in action :

Moreover, in the near future we will have new Mega Crab event! 🙂 Such conclusions I made on the basis of the last post in the official Boom Beach page in Twitter social network. Actually, there haven’t written a lot, but they have posted that picture there:


Do your own conclusions 🙂
Good luck!

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