The next Mega Crab is coming!

According to unconfirmed information, very soon we will have the next Mega Crab event! So, according to rumors the next Mega Crab will be available from 26 of May.

Such conclusions were made by some members of “Boom Beach” group in “Reddit” social network on the basis of the last post on the officail Boom Beach web-site (Dr. T’s secret Letter)

Here is actually this letter and link to the article :


In any case, if this is true – this is very, very good news!

Good luck, in the next Mega-Crab!

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  1. Asif says:

    Hi I like Boombeach game kindly start the events of megacrub and also make it’s median size crubs which appear after 15 days then it would be more joyful to play and one more builder add or introduce the builder boost options. When my builder got busy then I could be able to play more till upgrades finishing so it brings a huge gap. These reasons makes me inactive for several days and getting uninterested.

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