The next update will be released soon (updated from 23/02/2018)!

So, the devs of Boom Beach confirmed that the next update of our favorite Game will be released soon! And the most important thing is that Super Cell promised to publish a video announcement of the upcoming update by the end of this month! In that announcement they promised to reveal some information about upcoming changes in the Game.

Information about this was published by Super Cell in Reddit social network on their official page.

Update info

If you want to read the original post – visit this link.

I wonder what new things will be implemented into the Game this time? The last update with proto-troops was great and made the game more interesting. But the cons are impossibility of regular proto-troops uses and impossibility to buy more than five coupons for protos from trader… For example, I very like Rain Maker and want to use it every day. I think it would be great if devs changes rules of proto-troops uses.

So, today (23/02/18) the devs have published promised earlier video announcement about upcoming Game update. In that video they confirmed information that the next Mega Crab (Mega Turtle) event is comming soon. Just wath the video:

Good luck!

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