November update is coming!

Supercell has revealed some very important info about upcoming Boom Beach update. The most important thing is that they finally are releasing new HQ level (23). All maxed players where waitng for this for very long time.

With increasing HQ level, they are also implementing new buildings and troops levels:


Armory Gold Storage Iron Storage
Stone Storage Wood Storage Landing Craft
Sniper Tower Machine Gun Mortar
Cannon Flamethrower Boom Cannon
Rocket Launcher Mines Boom Mines
Shock Mines

Troops / Gunboat Abilities:

Rifleman Heavy Zooka Warrior
Tank Medic Grenadier
Scorcher Cryoneer Artillery
Medkit Shock Bomb Barrage

Antoher important thing is that two new flying troops appears in the game (for season 5):

  1. Rocket Choppa. “Floats like a Butterfly Like a buzzing wasp on a hot summer day, small and annoying and fires rockets at you! “
  2. Heavy Choppa. “Get to the Choppa! The flying clown car of the battlefield! Instead of laughs, this unit delivers a seemingly endless stream of bullets. “
Rocket Choppa and Heavy Choppa

The list of all changes you can find on reddit.

But, some information about upcoming changes the devs keep in secret. Such conclusions I made from Supercell’s post on Twitter. They have published to pictures with intrigued titles. How do you think, what it can be?

November Update

Good luck!

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