Critter Cannon: impressions, combinations and a little poll…

Critter Cannon

Critter Cannon is the third proto-troop in Boom Beach! Critter Cannon is a tank that shoots by critters, throwing them into the depth of enemy’s defense!  Small and fast little critters distracts enemy’s defensive buildings, giving the advantage for main attacking group of troops. In this post I’d like to share my impressions from the first hours of using Critter Cannon and some other information about combinations with it…

Let’s start, as always, from some information about the troop… Critter Cannon as well as previous two proto-troops has 5 levels, which depends on Armory level only! In other words, in order to upgrade Critter Cannon we need to upgrade our Armory. Characteristics of cannon on each level on the picture below:

Critter cannon characteristics

Note:the information isn’t complete yet… If have information about Critter Cannon of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels – please share it to me…

Just like two previous proto-troops – Critter Cannon is available only if we have special coupons, which we can buy from Trader! The price depends on cannon level… For example, one coupon for 3rd level cannon costs 500 000 of gold.

One coupon – 24 hours of proto works.

Now about impressions… Critter Cannon is rather a support troop… Or in other words, it is not effective if to use it alone without support of other troops… I don’t like this troop! As for me, Rain Maker is much better and successful troop than Critter Cannon is. No, it’s not fully useless… Max level cannon launch 6 critters in a row and this is not bad! But first few levels cannon is useless due to low critters quantity (for example, 3rd level cannon shoots only 4 critters… it’s too low quantity). I’ve tried Critter Cannons in Imitation Game and group of 7 cannons (3rd lvl) with Brick didn’t pass through the 5th level… As I wrote before, I think this unit is not very good and the main reason is low quantity of critters per shot... So, what about you?

What do you think about Critter Cannon?

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As for combinations with Critter Cannon… To my mind the best attacking combinations with this proto-troop are: “Scorchers+Tanks”, “Tanks and Medics”,”Tanks, Grenadiers and Medics” (max level cannon suits this combo pretty good).

That’s all!
Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Critter Cannon: impressions, combinations and a little poll…

  1. I have a low account with Armory level 13. Critter tanks ARE available… Level 1

    My higher account has level 19 Armory and I am offered level 4 critter tanks.

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