Rain Maker: first impressions, best combination and a little poll…

Rain Maker

Rain Maker is the second proto-troop in Boom Beach that was implemented into the Game with the last Game update. Mortar on caterpillars or in other words a mixture of  Tank and Mortar but with some significant differences (much more range of fire, definitely bigger damage power and ability to shoot by four bombs simultaneously). In this post I’d like to share my impressions from the first day of using Rain Maker and  some information about best attacking combo and best hero for it.

Let’s start from some useful information… Rain Maker as well as Lazortrone  has only 5 levels which depend on Armory level only. That’s mean in order to upgrade Rain Maker we need to upgrade our Armory. Characteristics of the troop on each level on the picture below:

Rain Maker levels and characteristics

Note: the information isn’t complete yet… If have information about Rain Maker of 1st and 3rd levels – please share it to me…

Rain Maker, like Lazortrone is available only if we have special coupons which we can buy from Trader. The price for one coupon on 5 lvl Rain Maker is 1,000,000 of gold.

Coupon for Rain Maker

One coupon – one day of proto-troop work.

Now about my impressions… This unit is a monster! As for me, I think that Rain Maker is much better than Lazortrone! Long range of fire (outrange all defensive weapons except of Rocket Launcher, Shock Launcher and prototype defenses), big damage power and accuracy of shooting make it really dangerous weapon almost for every PVP base! Six Rain Makers and 10 medics can easy overcome almost every defense in the Game (I mean PVP bases). Bravo SuperCell – this is really an excellent unit!

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As for the best combination with Rain Makers, I think such combination is 7 Rain Makers (or 6 – depends on gunboat energy…), 5 medics (or 10) and Dr. Kavan with his Second Wind ability!

Rain Makers combination

Why Second Wind? Because if you lose one or two tanks, Kavan will brings them back… In case you won’t lose tanks – Kavan can help with Riflemen… In the video below, you can see two of my attacks on the PVP bases with such combination:

That’s all!
Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Rain Maker: first impressions, best combination and a little poll…

  1. Any idea if the plans are stackable? 1 set lasts 24 hours. Can I buy all up front?

    1. Yes, they are stackable. Lots of fun, clear your map with one boost. I use 8 of them with Energy Drink.

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