Lazortrone. First impressions.

Lazortron is the first proto-troop in Boom Beach that was implemented into the Game with the last update! In simple words Lazortron is a laser tank (a mixture of tank and lazor beam prototype). Like all units in the Game, Lazortron has own pros and cons… In this post I’ll like to share my impressions from the first days of using this new unit and some useful information.

So let’s start from some information about this new unit. Lazortron has only 5 levels which depends only on HQ level. In other words, Lazortron upgrades automatically with HQ upgrading. Unit characteristics on each level on the picture below:

Lazortrone characteristics

Since laser tank is a proto-troop, he’s not available in the Armory.

Note: as for me, the absence of some kind of “proto-troops-armory-building” is a huge minus. If we have weapon lab for prototype defensive weapons, why don’t make the same kind of building for proto-troops? Now, it’s even not convenient to observe Lazortron characteristics (we can do it only using the landing crafts).

We can use laser tank only if we have special coupons (don’t know the correct name of the new currency), which we can buy from trader.

Lazortrone cupon

1 coupon for max lvl Lazortron costs 1 000 000 of gold and allow to use unit during 24 hours.

Now about my impressions from the new troop. In short – I like it! No, I’m quite serious. Absence of training time, big DPS, huge range of fire makes this unit pretty good for some tasks.  For example, a few couples of lazortrons with few medics and pvt. Bullit can relatively easy to destroy all 7 levels of Dr.T base. By the way, to my mind, the best combo with new laser tanks is LMB (Lazortrones – Medics – Bullit with his Energy Drink ability). Here on the video below, you can watch a few attacks with such combination:

The only minuses of new proto-troop are:
– huge energy consuming on landing;
– to big unit size;
– low health.

But, in totaly, I think the idea with proto-troops is great! Keep going on in this direction, SuperCell!

P.S. And lastly, a little poll. Please tell, what do you think about new proto-troop Lazortrone?

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P.S. And yes… Lazortrone is almost useless in TF operations 🙁

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