Scorchers and Tanks. Basic factors.

SKANK Boom BeachScorchers and Tanks” is my favorite combination in Boom Beach. This is the combination of power! Using this combination allows to destroy enemy base completely until the last building! I like it and I call such attacks “spring-cleaning” 🙂 Another great advantage of this combination is a huge stock of health of each unit that allows to capture 5-6 standard islands one by one without any losses. And this allows quickly accumulate necessary amount of resources.
But this combination also has its drawbacks, the main of which is a huge consumption of Gunboats energy in the process of landing ashore. The combination which consists of four Scorchers and twelve Tanks requires 72 units of energy just for landing, while standard Gunboat stock is only 52 units. Thus, in order to successfully attack with Scorchers and Tanks we need to have at least two purple statues that increases Gunboats energy. Without this in any way.

To my mind the optimal combination of Scorchers and Tanks is 4 Scorchers and 12 Tanks. In one time I’ve tried to reduce number of Scorchers to 3 and increase number of Tanks to 15 but such change hasn’t given any advantages.

When it’s not recommended to use combination of Scorchers and Tanks:

  1. When on the enemy island are placed next prototypes weapons: two Doom Cannons, Doom Cannon and Grappler, Doom Cannon and Shock Blaster III.

Note: the effectiveness of Grappler depends on its position. In some cases, when it placed near the enemy Headquarters without Cannon and Boom Cannons we can use it as a teleporter. In such position Grappler is on our side 🙂  Video example of such trick you can find on my YouTube channel.

  1. When you don’t have (or have only one) of purple statues that increase Gunboat energy. In such case it is better not to use this combination.

What should pay attention when you are going to attack using Scorchers and Tanks (“skank”):

  1. If the enemy base is placed at the far end of the island do not land Scorchers first. They move faster than Tanks and will enter the battle much earlier. This can lead to defeat (look at the video below). In such case we need to land Tanks first and make a few seconds pause before landing of Scorchers. This allow to all units enter the battle simultaneously.
  2. Very often Scorchers and Tanks move in different directions in the battle and attack not priority targets. But do not use the Flare for gathering units until the Shock Launchers aren’t destroyed. Otherwise a lot on units can get into a trap. I have had such cases.

P.S. And lastly I want to present You a small attack guide of “skank”.

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