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Al attack boom beach
About 65% of all Boom Beach players are focused exclusively on attack in the game. Such conclusions I made based on the results of a small poll that was conducted on the pages of this blog. As a rule these players don’t install any “ice” statues on their islands and make all upgrades in the game that increase their attacking power (troops, landing crafts etc.). In addition, attack minded players don’t particularly respect the players which install “blue” and “green” statues on their islands and are focused on defense in their development.
They call such players “farmers” and always try to sweep them of from their maps first of all. There are even some TF, you will not be able to become a member of which if you have more than two “blue” statues on your island… But how far you can go in the game focusing only on the attack? Is such way of development correct? Let’s try to understand…
Recently gaining increasing popularity the strategy of the beginning of the game fully without any defensive buildings. The point of such strategy is in the rapid accumulation of resources for upgrade of the certain unit due to a series of successful attacks on weaker opponents. The frequent attacks and the complete absence (or minimal amount) of defensive buildings provide quick reset of accumulated victory points and quick emergence of the new weaker opponents on the game map. Of course, I use the word “weaker” conditionally because very often the level of opponents which appear on the map is higher than the level of attacking player but their defense anyway cannot withstand the max. upgraded troops which are reinforced by the “red” and “purple” statues…
Here for example home bases of the two players who have already grown up to the 39 and 38 lvl with the Headquarters of 16 lvl:

    1. The base of player Omnipotence (39 lvl; Task Force – “blue fury 2.0”) with only one Sniper Tower from all defensive buildings which are available in the game on its level.

base without defense boom beach

    1. The base of player Mr.Mayhem(38 lvl; Task Force – “NL Warlord’s”) has only three defensive buildings…

The base of player Mr.Mayhem(38 lvl) has only three defensive buildings 2...

As we can see from the set of statues on their bases they are completely aimed at the rapid accumulation of resources and very attacking style of gameplay!

Of course, on the early stages of the Game such strategy will bring certain benefits and probably allows to develop more quickly than the common variant of gameplay (with defense improvements). At the beginning of the game, the cost of upgrade of every unit is quite low and there are no problems to accumulate a certain amount of resources for a few successful attacks. And when resources are spent and upgrade is in process, there is no much point to worry about the defense … because there is nothing to lose!
But as they say “as the days grow longer, the storms are stronger”  and with the every new level the cost of each new upgrade increases significantly and it becomes more difficult to accumulate necessary amount of resources. Will be such attack strategy of gameplay as effective at the higher levels? I cannot answer clearly. I’ve already grown up to 64 lvl and upgraded almost all kinds of troops to the max. levels. And now I don’t see any reason to refuse from defense into the favor of attack for myself. But if you are at the beginning of the game and don’t know what strategy of development to choose I recommend you to begin from the attack. I think this tactic is better on the start.
Good luck!

P.S. And one more small poll on the topic of the post:

Is it right way to play Boom Beach without defense development?

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2 thoughts on “Attack only! Interesting strategy of development. Poll.

  1. I haven’t answered your poll yet, because I believe that if everyone would go for an “attack only” strategy, what fun would we have in attacking bases with no defenses?

    That’s why I think that task forces should be changed, and instead of being focused on attacking NPC bases, they should be focused on attacking players from other task forces. Like a Tournment of some kind. I don’t know exactly how Clash of clans and clash royale works, has I don’t play them, but I still believe that boom beach should develop their task force gameplay in a more TF vs TF scenario.

  2. I prefer being offense only. Until recently i had my HQ on the beach 24/7 to keep my VP from going up too fast and still there were some days when no one attacked me !

    Even when i was raided, my vault allowed me to keep most of my resources and when i needed big amount of resources for a big upgrade, i stayed online for the time of my statue boosts which is a protection from being raided. The game gives a four-hour online protection every day, that’s a defense much more efficient than buildings.

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