Zookas behavioral factor. Useful video.

in-article-enA few days ago I’ve found very interesting and useful video on the Youtube. The video is very short (the duration is only 1 min and 06 sec) but very informative and especially useful for players who like to attack with full zookas. This short video shows behavioral factor of Zookas or simply speaking – shows how Zookas choose targets for attack.

Look at this:

Note: This video belongs to Youtube user Weiwen Ng. Here is link to his channel.

Interesting video, isn’t it? It’s clearly seen that Zookas don’t attack the nearest targets and firstly try to destroy the defensive buildings which can cause damage for them and are into their range of fire. And only after the all nearest weapons have been destroyed they began to attack HQ. Frankly speaking, I was sure that troops in Boom Beach choose targets on the principle of least distance. It means that there is no necessary to point zookas directly on the HQ… Zookas behavior factor allows destroying the most dangerous defensive buildings near the HQ firstly without spending an extra energy on the Flares. Cool!

P.S. Great job Supercell! It would be interesting to look at the behavior factor of other Boom Beach units…

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  1. Zookas shoot targets that already got hit by something lethal (eg Artillery), Finlandia made a video about marking targets with artillery.

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