“Energy drink” is the best Bullit’s ability!

Energy Drink Bullit
In my humble opinion pvt. Bullit is the best hero in Boom Beach! In any case, after he was implemented into the Game I use this him in 80% of cases (the other 20% is cpt. Everspark with her “Explosive charge” and sgt. Brick with her “Battle Orders”). As for the Bullit’s abilities – surely the most effective one is “Energy Drink”!

No matter how strange it may seem, but «Energy drink» proved its best! Now I’ll try to explain why… Max. level Bullit has 30,850 of health and damage power of 1,325 per sec. The ability increases hero’s speed of movement and his speed of shooting on 250% (max. lvl of ability) and regenerates his health (up to 50%) in the same time! Due to this, 6 uses of ability fully recover the hero 3 times! This makes possible to destroy some PVP Bases only with Bullit without any other troops support! Don’t believe? Just watch this short video:

Cool, isn’t it?! As soon as the level of hero’s health falls – just use the ability and it will regenerate it back! In any case, there are no any others heroes capable of this in Boom Beach!

As for attacking combination with other troops, to my mind the best choice for Bullit and “Energy Drink” is the combination of: “Tanks+Grenadiers+Medics” in proportion of 3-3-2 (3 boats with tanks, three with grenadiers and two with medics). With this combo, I manage to clear my map even without statue boosting.

Bullit best combo

The hero, grenadiers and tanks have different range of fire that makes their attacking position perfect! Bullit has the lowest range of fire and he is always ahead of main troops group and distract attention of the main part of defensive buildings! That allows for tanks and grenadiers to attack enemy buildings relatively freely…  The main thing is not to miss the moment when to apply the ability and recover Bullit’s health 🙂 try this combo and you will be astonished how easy it can destroy almost any PVP base!

Good luck!

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