Lieutenant Hammerman and his fleet. How to defense.

After the next update in the game appeared such part of gameplay as the attack of Lieutenant Hammerman and his fleet on the player base. The reward for successfully reflected attacks are prototype modules that are not often found in a routine game. I won’t write about the importance of these modules because it is understandable that they are necessary for defense of our own island. And frankly speaking I like this part of the Game. The only negative side is too high price for a single attack – 100 000 coins of gold. Sometimes in excitement, trying to reflect the last attack (as a rule it’s 7 level in my case) I can spend all my coins…

There are 7 levels of Hammerman attacks in the Game, the complexity of which increases after successfully reflection of previous attack. As a rule, it is not difficult for me to reflect the first six . But the last, the 7th, almost always causes troubles and frankly speaking I often have to boost “blue” Statues by the Power Powder.
My “everyday” base arrangement is next::
Boom Beach universal defense

But such position isn’t very suitable for reflecting of Hammerman attacks because even 5th level attack causes serious troubles for such defense. The main reason of unsuitability of this variant of defense is the low density of fire.
After different experiments, I’ve chosen optimal arrangement. For my opinion this is best placement for repulsing Hammerman attacks:
Defense against Hammerman

I chose such position for the following reasons:

  • Most defensive buildings are able to cause damage to advancing troops during their landing ashore;
  • In such position we reach a maximal density of fire in a narrow sector;
  • Mixing of “civilian” and defensive buildings helps to delay the advance of attacking troops to the interior of the island.

In contrast to my everyday defense, this variant copes with six levels of attacks almost without any problems.
Boom Beach Victory

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