War Factory: does anybody attack it?

“War Factory” of course is interesting thing which has put some variety into the Game… But I would like to know for myself – does anybody attacks it? In the real way with the use of Zookas, Tanks, Scorchers etc.? As for me – I don’t do it! Or rather I almost don’t do it! During all the times I’ve tried to attack War Factory twice or three times and only one was successful. I just don’t see any reasons in wasting gold for this unpromising operation! In my opinion it’s like bang your head into the wall. I can’t understand why developers put there these Statues with such huge level of increasing damage and health for buildings?
Tell me please how to win for example this?:
War Factory. Boom Beach
This is good of course that developers increased the number of potential attacks from 3 to 5. And now using only the Gunboat I can easily win twenty victory points and take some reward (very often these are prototype modules for Weapon Lab). But what have to do players with less level of Game development? Just ignore it? I am not sure developers pursued these aims…
If at least someone from SuperCell will read this post please simplify this task. So it will be interesting to all of us!

P.S. It’s of course only opinion of one player but I hope a lot of other players will support me!

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