A new Hero, a new level of Radar and other – in the upcoming game update!

So, the devs of Boom Beach have announced the next upcoming game update. With this update, they are going to introduce a new Hero into the game. Besides, there will be made some changes of Machine Gun characteristics and added an additional level of Radar. So, let’s go through it all point by point.

If you are looking for information about heroes (levels, abilities, etc.) – go to this page.

So, no doubts that the most interesting event of upcoming update is a new Hero introduction. New hero will be available after upgrading HQ to level 7 and after defeating the lieutenant Hammerman base of 25 lvl.

New Hero

According to the Devs, the Hero is a “madic-type” unit that also has three main abilities as the other heroes:

1. “Crystal Shield”. Based on the name the ability is aimed at protecting troops from the fire of the enemy’s defensive buildings.

Crystal shield

2. “Crystal Critters”. The hero releases Crystal Critters wich follows your troops and heal them. The Crystall Critters couldn’t be destroyed but they act for a limited period of time.

Crystal critters

3. “Second Wind”. This ability allows to bring back on the killed troops on the battlefield one by one (see video from the devs below).

Second wind

In addition, the devs will increase the quantity of the Radar levels by adding one more with six unexplored sectors on the archipelago. If you explore all archipelago, you will open “Tribes” event that is mainly focused on the increasing power of statues that are installed on the aborigines islands.

The archipelago map will be divided into 6 zones – tribes…(more detailed description you can see in the video below).


Changes will also affect the Machine Gun – now it will has a blind spot as Rocket launcher and Shock Launcher. Therefore, such changes will allow Critters and Warriors to attack Machine Guns more effectively in the game. When it comes to guns one can totally buy bulk ammo online and it’s easier to avail them now.

Machine Gun blind zone

Video from the devs where all these were announced:

Well, what do you think about all of these? As for me, I think the update will be cool. Especially it’s very interesting to me how works “Second Wind” ability with Scorchers… Moreover, very interesting which benefits we will received from the “Tribes”… The developers says that “tribes” are pointed mainly on the high-level players… Will see.
Good luck!

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