Attack with the infantry (RZMC, RM, RMZ etc.): the main moments

Rifleman attack boom beachHave you ever explored the home bases of TOP players? I’m sure the answer is yes. And if you were attentive you should noticed that all their Landing Crafts are loaded only with infantry (Riflemen, Zookas, Medics and Cryoneers in different proportions). This is not because these units are stronger than, for example, Scorchers or Tanks. This is because the all TOP players are aimed at preserving their VP and places in the ranking and they have very low quantity of purple statues that increases gunboats energy (they place a lot of ice statues instead of purple ones)… But this post isn’t about them. In this article I’ll try to describe the main aspects of attacks with using infantry only.
So what do I mean when I write “the infantry”. To my mind in the Boom Beach to the class of infantry we can add next units: Rifleman, Zooka, Cryoneer and Medic. Or simply speaking all attacking combinations that include only these units in different proportions. To my mind the optimal combination of these units is next: 4 Landing Crafts with Riflemen, 2 – with Zookas and 2 with Medics. Such proportion seems to me is the most effective. Sometimes I change one craft with Medics on the Cryoneers. But the benefits from such replace are doubtful…
When we need to use “the infantry”:

  1. When on the enemy island are placed next prototypes weapons: two Doom Cannons, the Doom Cannon and the Grappler, the Grappler III with any other type of prototype, two Damage Amplifiers which boost the most quantity of Cannons and Boom Cannons. To attack the enemy in such case with Tanks and Scorchers is simply useless.
  2. When in the defense of the island dominate Cannons, Boom Cannons, Sniper Towers and almost no other types of defensive buildings. Sometimes we can see such defenses on some resources bases.
  3. When other combinations haven’t brought the positive result. In my experience I’ve had such cases. Just try to use infantry in cases when other combos failed. On the picture below you can see the one of such bases. I’ve tried to capture it with full Zookas and boosted Scorchers with Tanks and failed. And only attack with the infantry was successful.

good defense boom beach

When it’s not recommended to use the infantry in Boom Beach (or we should to be extremely cautious using infantry):

  1. When on the enemy island are placed next prototypes weapons: two Shock Blasters, the Shock Blaster and the Lazor Beam, two Lazor Beam, the Hot Pot. These prototypes are very dangerous for units with poor health.
  2. When the mines on the enemy’s island are placed uniformly on the all island territory (no areas with dense concentration of mines). Such an arrangement of mines very often leads to loss of Zookas due to their poor stock of health.

The other important moments:
If you attack with the combination that consists of Medics, Riflemen and Zookas I strongly recommend destroying all enemy Shock Launchers first of all directly from the Gunboat. Believe me the Shock Launcher is more dangerous for the infantry than Rocket Lauhcners and other types of defensive buildings. The second step is to destroy the Rocket Launchers, which are also very dangerous for the units with the poor health. Also don’t forget about the Flamethrowers. They are usually installed near the Headquarters, so you need to destroy them before the troops approach it.
Note: In any case, do not let your Riflemen to get into the range of fire of Flamethrowers. In such case they would burnt very quickly and even medics won’t be able to save them.
And yes, beware of Mortars! Their bombs are deadly for Zookas!

P.S. And lastly I want to present You a small video about benefits of infantry attack in the Boom Beach!

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