Resource Bases and Warriors

Resource BaseResource Bases (RB)… Someone needs them… Someone thinks that RB are useless and unnecessary because it is easier to gather required resources by attacking other players’ bases. Personally, I belong to the second group of players and attack Resource Bases only in case of “total map cleaning”. However as they say, every man to his own taste.

Nevertheless, if you decided to take under control all Resource Bases on your Archipelago, the best way to do it is to use Warriors! This kind of units is ideal for this for a few simple reasons:
1. There are no Prototype Defenses on the RB.
2. There are no (or almost no) mines on the RB.
3. As a rule, an island with Resource Base is smaller than usual island.
4. The training time and training cost of Warriors are low.

Here, for example, look at this base:

Resource Base example
How do you think, is it possible to overcome such defense with “Skank” or “Hooka”? Maybe, but loses will be high. However, with the help of Warriors it is possible to capture that island with no losses at all or with minimal loses (it depends on the skills of player).

In the video below, you can see examples of attacks on the RB with “Skank”, “Hooka” and Warriors and compare results by yourselves:

Not bad, isn’t it? The base were captured with only five warriors of losses. I think that this is an excellent result!
Thus, if you still decided to grab all RB on your map – my advice – use Warriors!
Good luck!

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