When the Grappler isn’t on your side…


I think that many players have appreciated all dignities of the Grappler – a new prototype defenses that was introduced into the Game by SuperCell team. As you know, the main purpose of this prototype is to strengthen defense against … Continue reading

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Doom Cannon: new ability after the last game update

The latest game update from SuperCell was focused mainly on prototype defenses. Two great new prototype weapons were introduced into the game: the Grappler and the Hot Pot (by the way the video of demonstration of these protos in action … Continue reading

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«Scorcher and Zooka» or «Scorcher and Tank»: mathematical calculation.

Mathematical calculation boom beach

Zooka or Tank? Which of these two units is more effective in the combination with Scorcher? These questions interested me and I decided to try to calculate it with the help of mathematics. Let’s consider classical combination when the 4 … Continue reading

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Upcoming Game update or what awaits us…


It is not a secret anymore that SuperCell team have prepared next game update that should be issued this month. The last few weeks on the pages of forums and social networks, a lot of Boom Beach fans are discussing … Continue reading

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Three variants of defense against Hammerman

3 variants of defense ag hammerman

The reward for successfully reflected Hammerman attacks are prototype modules which are necessary for manufacturing of prototype weapons at the Weapon Lab. It’s known to all. Accordingly, organization of successful defense against Hammerman attacks is an important moment in Boom … Continue reading

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“The flame is everywhere and everything is burning”. Or the Scorcher – the most powerful unit in the Game!


The every building is covered by flame Destruction and chaos around is sprayed The every unit is trapped by fire – invasion of Scorchers – don’t give up and fight! As You might have guessed this post is focused on … Continue reading

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