Scorchers and Tanks. Basic factors.


“Scorchers and Tanks” is my favorite combination in Boom Beach. This is the combination of power! Using this combination allows to destroy enemy base completely until the last building! I like it and I call such attacks “spring-cleaning” 🙂 Another great … Continue reading

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What is your favorite combination? Poll.

What is your attacking combo?

In the Boom Beach every player has nine types of attacking units to choose from. Such good variety allows to choose the right combination against almost any defense. I’m sure about that! Just as sure that the units should be … Continue reading

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All Zooka attacks! Examples.

As the saying is every man to his own taste! And I think we can say the same about players in our favorite Game Boom Beach! For example, someone likes to attack with Scorchers and Tanks sweeping away all enemy … Continue reading

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What quantity of “ice” statues is optimal? Poll.

I’m sure many of you not once heard a catchphrase “the best defense is a good offense”! And I can tell you that many Boom Beach players follow this rule. They don’t install blue statues (main purposes of which are … Continue reading

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Cryoneer. Do we really need this unit? Poll.


Cryoneer is the ninth unit in the Boom Beach that was introduced into the Game after the June update. Already enough time has passed since that update and I think that many players have formed their opinions about this unit. … Continue reading

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Optimal Defense Base Layout (HQ 5 – 8 lvl)

There are a lot of different buildings in the Boom Beach game. All buildings are divided into two types: buildings that have defensive character and buildings of civil purpose. The available number of buildings for installation increases with every upgrade … Continue reading

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