Lieutenant Hammerman and his fleet. How to defense.


After the next update in the game appeared such part of gameplay as the attack of Lieutenant Hammerman and his fleet on the player base. The reward for successfully reflected attacks are prototype modules that are not often found in … Continue reading

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Prototypes and Weapon Lab

Weapon Lab

The Weapon Lab is one of the best innovation in the game from the SuperCell. The idea to refresh the game by the introduction of such unit seem to me quite good and this made the game more interesting. Five … Continue reading

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Attack in the Boom Beach: main aspects

Thanks to a quite large amount of attacking units, there is a lot of variants for the attack in Boom Beach. I’ve seen many different combinations for two year of gameplay. Up to the fact, that one time someone tried to … Continue reading

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Own island defense. How to place units

Home Base Defense

In my view, the flawless arrangement doesn’t exist. Or rather, every player has his own the best defensive buildings arrangement. And if anyone would argue that his arrangement is better – this is not true, because it all depends on … Continue reading

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