Winter update is coming (new unit Lazortron, decorations, Cryo bomd, etc.)!

Winter Update

Well, the long awaited winter update is coming and from day to day it will appear in our devices 🙂 In any case, all popular Boom Beach youtubers actively post sneak peek videos in their channels. What awaits us in … Continue reading

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“Energy drink” is the best Bullit’s ability!

Bullit's best ability

In my humble opinion pvt. Bullit is the best hero in Boom Beach! In any case, after he was implemented into the Game I use this him in 80% of cases (the other 20% is cpt. Everspark with her “Explosive … Continue reading

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What are the chances to get intel?

Intel is one of the resources in Boom Beach that is vital for Task Forces! No intels – no attacks! It’s commonly known. There are only three ways to get intel into the Game: as a daily reward, form supply … Continue reading

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New Hero (Pvt. Bullit) and the next Mega Crab are coming or sneak peek about new game update!


The next Boom Beach update will be released soon! It’s definitely known that with this update the new hero will be implemented into the Game! Hero’s name is Pvt. Bullit and judging by the video-reviews of the most popular Boom … Continue reading

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How to destroy Hammerman’s 55 base

Lt. Hammerman 55 base

After level 19 Radar upgrading in Boom Beach we are able to explore zone with Lt. Hammerman Base 55 on the archipelago map. Defense of the base consists of many defensive weapons, a huge number of mines, one super power … Continue reading

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Explosive Charges – an underestimated ability of Cpt. Everspark

Explosive Charges

Explosive Charges is one of the least used heroes’ ability in Boom Beach. Such a conclusion I made based on the results of the poll that I conducted on the pages of my blog (you can take part into the … Continue reading

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