Matchmaking system: there is something wrong with it…

Matchmaking system in Boom Beach based only on the number of player’s Victory Points (VP) which are award for successful attacks against other players (PvP), resources bases and “bots” (NpC). So, if you have 400 medals on your game map … Continue reading

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All Zooka attack guide

Smokey zooka attack guide

If Your skills in AZ (all zooka) attacks are perfect – You’re desired player in almost every big TF (Task Force). In my experience on high level operations the number of AZ attacks can reach up to 50-60% because other … Continue reading

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The next big update is coming…


We can already say with certainty that SuperCell team is working on the next Game update! And we can wait for it very soon! It become known from an exclusive interview that the developers have given to fans on the … Continue reading

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Heavy and Zooka: a selection of videos incredible attacks

Heavy and Zooka incredible attacks

Boom Beach is one of the best mobile strategies of the last time and there are a lot of fans of this game in the whole World. A lot of players record their successful attacks and share it with other … Continue reading

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Attack with the infantry (RZMC, RM, RMZ etc.): the main moments

Have you ever explored the home bases of TOP players? I’m sure the answer is yes. And if you were attentive you should noticed that all their Landing Crafts are loaded only with infantry (Riflemen, Zookas, Medics and Cryoneers in … Continue reading

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A selection of interesting Boom Beach video

Interesting video Boom Beach

I very like to watch Boom Beach videos uploaded to Youtube or Social Networks. As a rule, players show their gameplay, different attacking guides or great defenses etc. But sometimes there are really interesting ones among them and I decided … Continue reading

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